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Live Voice Search

Allows your visitors to search the website using spoken commands rather than typed queries. It utilizes speech recognition algorithms to convert spoken words into text, which is then processed and sent further to the live search feature to provide relevant results.

It’s convenient, fast, and provides an accessible option for users with disabilities or those who may have difficulty typing on traditional input devices.

Live Search

The concept of live search, also known as real-time search, evolved gradually with advancements in web technologies. It gained significant traction and became more prominent with the rise of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) in the mid-2000s.

Search results are displayed in real-time in an overlayed container as the visitor types the words into the search box. It enhances user experience by providing immediate feedback and results without requiring a full page reload.

Control the number of search live results

You have the ability to customize the quantity of search results displayed to users as they type their query into the search box in real-time.

Search through all registered post types

Allows to perform a unified search across multiple types of content, including posts, pages, custom post types (products), and any other registered content types. You can simply select them in the plugin’s settings.

Displaying of search results

You can allow the form to display the search results either in a list or a grid format.

Stay tuned, more features coming soon.


Demo live voice search

Demo with the Divi theme

Demo with Elementor

Demo with the Rey theme

Demo with a standard WordPress theme


How to install and use the plugin on various themes

Tutorial with the Divi theme

Coming Soon…

Tutorial with Elementor

Coming Soon…

Tutorial with the Rey theme

Coming Soon…

Tutorial with a standard WordPress theme

Coming Soon…

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